This is crazy!

By | March 11th, 2017|Categories: Interesting, Safety|


How to Create a Forklift Safety Culture

By | August 25th, 2016|Categories: Safety|

You’re going to remember the time when you thought it wouldn’t happen to you. One of your industry contacts was telling you how they paid substantial OSHA fines for allowing operators to use forklifts even after the operators completed pre-use operational compliance checklists that showed the forklifts were non-compliant. The individual said he didn’t know the [...]

Linde Material Handling’s LSP driver assistance system now also available for IC forklift models

By | July 29th, 2016|Categories: Design, Interesting, Safety|

Linde Material Handling’s LSP driver assistance system now also available for IC forklift models The innovative Linde Safety Pilot (LSP) is now optionally available also for forklift trucks with internal combustion engine. Being the world’s most modern assistance system for counterbalanced trucks, it supports the forklift driver and reduces risks during operation. The sophisticated system continuously [...]

What are the hazards associated with operating powered industrial trucks?

By | June 25th, 2016|Categories: Interesting, Safety|

What are powered industrial trucks? Powered industrial trucks, commonly called forklifts or lift trucks, are used in many industries, primarily to move materials. They can also be used to raise, lower, or remove large objects or a number of smaller objects on pallets or in boxes, crates, or other containers. Powered industrial trucks can either be [...]

Liability Insurance for Mobile Equipment

By | June 2nd, 2016|Categories: Interesting, Safety|

Like many businesses, your company may own mobile equipment or machinery, such as a backhoe or a truck-mounted crane. You may use the equipment on your premises or at a job site. If you or your employees drive the machinery on a public road, insuring your vehicle for liability may be more complicated than you think. [...]

Forklift safety … past, present, and future

By | June 2nd, 2016|Categories: Interesting, Safety|

Lift Trucks April 28, 2016 material handling update | Lift Trucks Forklift safety ... past, present, and future What makes today's forklifts safer to operate than ever before? Experts name some of the most important improvements of the past few years and explain why forklifts of the future are likely to be even safer. By Toby [...]

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